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Better late than never right? This is the outfit I made the clutch for, and I think i hit the color spot on. My interpretation of a summer suit, which even impressed my boyfriend and other suit-wearing people at the event. I know some men are not fond of the suit trend for women since... well lets be honest, we steal more and more from our males. Everything from their fashion trends to their masculinity. So being acknowledged for this outfit by men actually meant more to me than my fellow gendered friends. Blazer and blouse from H&M, pants from Primark and heels from Steve Madden
What you don't see in this picture, other than my T-shirt, is that my watch as well as my bag also happened to be Marc by Marc Jacobs. I swear it wasn't intentional to get all brand fanatic today, I guess I just have too many of his things! Do you know that feeling though? Once you find a designer who's stuff you really like he/she just becomes your go-to designer when you are in need of something a little more luxurious than H&M.

Other than the fab Marc, I was wearing my Nike air max,Forever 21 jacket and (old old old) pants from Monki
I don't even know if this qualifies as a "DIY" because all I did was stack some wooden crates :P I bought the crates through Denmark's answer to craigslist, Den blå avis, and I CARRIED them 3 km home. Thats a new shoe storage and a workout all in one! The big radio(yes it still works) I got from my grandpa who is an antique dealer, and I've been told it was made during Second World War. I love a piece with a good story to it!
Today I went to an event dressed like this. I chose to embrace the spring colors despite it actually raining today and being really cold! These floral pants make me so happy, I can't quite put my finger on why, but I think I´ll be wearing them alot this summer! They are from H&M, the blazer is Zara, clutch by Michael Kors and wedges Jeffrey Campbell
I don't know about you guys, but I'm definitely suiting up this summer! I love the idea of a casual suit that you can wear every day with sneakers or boots, or make it a bit more formal with some strappy sandals. And the best of it is the heaps of different choices on the market at the moment! I've picked my favourites and put them in a slideshow for you, so we can all make Barney Stinson proud and suit up, summer style!

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I'm wearing a blue outfit for an event this weekend, but I didn't have a matching clutch and we all know that no bag= uncomplete outfit. SO I went to a local leather store, or more like a farm, and bought some scraps. Sewing this was an absolute no-brainer, just sandwich the two parts with the leather sides facing each other and start stitching! I also made a matching coinpurse because mine doesnt fit in it!

I made a tiny DIY tassel guide, it is so easy. Just cut the leather in straps and wrap it around the D-ring and add clue.
Sunny but cold day today, which resulted in layers upon layers (I realize it looks like I have a bear hidden under my coat, but I don't.. I guess fur just adds a lot of volume!) and shades. I found these shades at a fleamarket last year and got them for around 10 kr, quite a bargin ey! The green coat is the one from the previous post, and the rest of my outfit is mainly oldies but goodies!




Nothing like a little creative photosession to show you my new items from New York. Although this is just the tip of the iceberg, but all my coffee & tea bags,massive boxes of müslibars, and assorted range of pampering products didn't quite make the cut for this picture ;-) The chair in the picture is actually from an original Ralph Lauren exhibiton in the US, but how my mom got her hands on it I don´t know!

The Jacket is from Forever21,Make-up bag American apperal ,T-shirt Mark by Mark Jacobs, Leather skirt Urban Outfitters, Grey skirt T by Alexander Wang , Sneakers Nike air max, Necklace unknown brand
Fresh just off the streets of New York where I've been spending the past 48 hours. Not a long visit I know but you'll be amazed by what I acomplished in such a short time.Well mainly some serious shopping, which I'll post later. Hopefully I'll return to New York this summer, because I must say this city has got me infatuated!
I don't have that much to say today, because I think you guys should go outside and enjoy the sun and the blossoming spring nature(a bit optimistic i know). I was wearing a plaid shirt from Topshop, grey sweatshirt from H&M and necklace and jacket from River Island.



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